The Divine Miss Columbine's Profile

FULL NAME: Columbine Mountebank.

ALIAS: The Divine Miss Columbine, The Columbine,Colombina, Pierette, LAZARA PITT

AGE: 21.

HEIGHT: 5 feet 9 inches.

WEIGHT: 135 pounds.

EYES: Brown.

HAIR: Dark Brown.

RACE: Half-Japanese, Half-Caucasian.

OCCUPATION: Criminal accomplice to Harley Quinn.

FORMER OCCUPATION: Martial Arts Student.



KNOWN RELATIVES: Only daughter to Hanswurst(father) and Kichiga(mother) Mountebank, multimillionaire owners of Mountebank Inc.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn.
Samuel Scaramouch aka Solitaire.
The rest of the CLA & J-gen
Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy.
The Joker.

ABILITIES: Trained in the art of Commedia Dell'Arte. Highly trained in many different forms of Martial Arts which includes Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, T'ai Chi Chu'an, Kung-fu, Wu-su, and Tae-kwan-do. Olympic Class fighter in Boxing, Kick Boxing and Wrestling. Above-Average Strength. Above-Average Intelligence. Above-Average Gymnastics and Acrobatics Skills.

SECRET ORIGIN: Columbine, being the only child, is the sole heir to the Mountebank fortune which included Mountebank Inc. makers of novelty items. Being the sole heir she had responsibility to uphold the family name. Columbine hated the social elites and their treatment of the average citizens. She often defended the servants when her parents would man-handle them. Her disassociation with the elite crowd and their standards, made her an outcast even among her parents. Finally, at the tender age of ten, Columbine ran away with a million dollars, which she cleverly stole from her father's bank accounts. Columbine managed to escape her privileged life by enlisting the help of the servants she once defended.
Columbine traveled for two years to lose her parents, who had thought that Columbine was kidnapped. Columbine ended up in Italy where she met a charming actor, named Polichinelle who took a liking to the young girl and taught her the art of Commedia Dell'Arte. Unfortunately, one day in a car crash he died right in Columbine's arms. Broken by her loss of the man she once called "Father", Columbine left Italy to train herself so she would never feel as weak as she did that day. Her pursue lead her to Japan, Korea, and China where she traveled all over to find the Masters of Martial Arts to train her.

Eight years later and after intense training, Columbine decided to return to her once forsaken home, Gotham City...

Whilst wondering amongst the rougher part of town, Columbine hears the sounds of a fight nearby. Rushing to help anyone in trouble, she fins Harley Quinn in the middle of a scuffle, out numbered by a rought-tough gang. Not knowing who Harley is, she still intervenes,and brings the bully gang to it's knees.After defeating them, she bandages Harley, who upon wakening takes an immediate likening to Columbine taking her on board as a friend and accomplice.

Columbine accepts Harley's offer of a partnership in crime, and the two become fast, firm friends. Columbine, repeatedly frustrated with The Joker's treatment of Harley, has deeply intimate feelings for her, and the feeling is mutual. Columbine stays on with the League, bonded by both her love for Harley and Solitaire. She enjoys the challenge of a life of crime, but does not like to hurt people. Although she doesn't hate Joker she deeply resents his beatings, and woudl like to give him a taste of his own.She's a fierce opponenent, with unmatchable wit and style.